50 years of technological innovation at the service of the environment

Continue to innovate by building on the great wealth of experience gained in 50 years of activity.

It is with this spirit that we will celebrate the important milestone that our company reaches in 2021. It was back in 1971 when Giovanni Longo founded a company in Puglia whose mission was to govern and manage the design, construction and assistance processes of equipment that uses vacuum and high pressure technology for civil and industrial uses, but also machines for ecology and the transport of hazardous materials, at levels of absolute excellence. Thanks to that vision and to the strong development brought into the company by the second Longo generation with their sons Vito, Stefano and Gianvito, today Longo Euroservice is one of the most successful companies in Europe.

Our commitment for the future is to continue our path in the name of innovation, a value that our customers will continue to appreciate in the total reliability of our equipment, a hallmark of every Longo solution also for the next few years of our history.

Vito, Stefano e Gianvito Longo
Longo Euroservice Srl