A concentrate of technology

Ghibli represents the highest technological level in the world of road vehicles suitable for vacuum suction and pneumatic transport of dry and liquid materials, including dangerous “ADR” materials, as it is capable of sucking any type of wet material from great depth, dry, dusty or liquid, without any interruption of suction or downtime thanks to the exclusive automatic filtering and discharge system of the dust from the filter compartment.

dust filtering system

Innovative management and control system for the dust released into the air and combined control of dusty concentrations-temperature to avoid the risk of dangerous explosions triggers in ATEX and other areas. This system is part of the innovative and technological solutions whose financing is available from the European Community.

Always operational in all conditions

The innovative and tested dust filtering system, through a filter of very large proportions with battery of pockets in heat-sealed material with a huge filtering surface and its revolutionary automatic system for cleaning the pockets and evacuating the dust from the filter compartment directly into the waste tank, make Ghibli an easy-to-use equipment and free from long and annoying daily maintenance.

Power and precision

Ghibli boasts a very high efficiency and power, thanks to the use of superior quality lobe pumps with very high capacities capable of reaching 93% (28 ”Hg) of vacuum, as well as the dust transport capacity at over 60 m high thanks to a particular pneumatic unloading system.

Thanks to its equipment with high and very high performance pumps and reliability over time against abrasive and aggressive materials, Ghibli is able to work in the most varied industrial sectors, such as chemical, petrochemical, iron and steel, mining, cement, paper, tanning, purification, and others.

Ghibli is also equipped with a powerful high pressure washing and cleaning system for sewer networks, with a high pressure pump, hydraulic hose reel and a wide range of accessories, which make it a multifunctional equipment ready for any work requirement

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